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Welcome to the Inspirada neighborhood!
An Organization for the Improved Quality of life in Inspirada and the City of Henderson Nevada
One Republic - I Lived
IRO Existed between late 2011 and summer of 2015. With the support of the City of Henderson, the HOA Management and Board, the new HOA personnel, the Residents of Inspirada , the builders of Inspirada, you are lucky to enjoy a new Inspirada. What exists today is a combined effort of our HOA, our home builders, the City of Henderson, and the residents of Inspirada working together for a better future. IRO played a role representing all residents with over 1200 members to get all parties to improve and improve they did. We did what no one thought we could, even ourselves. Learn the lesson we did. Simply put one foot in front of the other until you achieved your goals. The hardest thing we did was not to give up. Any of you can do this. All it takes is to choose to, though that choice requires committment.

With our relocation out of the area we have left behind this site of contacts. The buttons above will help you reach out to whomever effects Inspirada and your quality of life. The builders have become a friend of the community over the years, but from time to time they lapse into deadlines. Do not be afraid to file a code enforcement with the City for after hours construction work, because it will be up to you and you alone to ensure their compliance.

The RAC (Residents Advisory Committee) which meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Solista Park Community Center has taken over our role to help the community regardless of which entity needs to be contacted. You see, some issues are HOA, some issues are the builders, and some issues are the City of Henderson. Use the contact buttons above to reach out to them first to see who it is that can work with you to solve your problem or complaint.

We loved Inspirada and still do though we will soon be no longer among you. We hope you will have the same attitude and spirit we did, nothing is impossible. If you believe you can not change your community, you are right. If you believe there is nothing you can't do, you are also right. We sincerely hope you will take the second path. Your City is the best City we ever lived in. Do not be afraid to ask for their help. Your HOA has been transformed to a professional customer service group and they are there to help as well.

A message to the Residents Advisory Committee. Many of you remember when Nan would say "That is not my Job." You are now the leaders of Inspirada. You can never say that. You need to reach out to whomever to solve a problem. You, like we in the past, can find a solution to any problem. We want you to think of the many times Eileen Kennedy listened to failure than turned it into success. Be creative. Think out of the box. You are the best of all of Inspirada. You have chosen to serve and that alone empowers you. It also give you a mandate for a better Inspirada. While you do so, remember there is no mountain you can not climb. There are only those you choose not to. We live in spirit side by side with you, though we will no longer be here. We will miss you all.
Tom and Eileen Kennedy